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DeejayLive in friendship with XtractorTV is an experimental and independent audiovisual blog tv with random deejays livestream that mix music, in particular electronic genres like Breakcore - Hard,ChipMusic,Chiptune,Techno, Drum & Bass, House,Dubstep,TripHop,Dance,Minimal Electronic,Chillout,IDM,Skweee,Glitch,Jungle,IDM, on video live stream broadcasted by livestream since 28 December 2009. The first base was in Bologna,Italy and Berlin,Germany,but now we are in stream random mode with deejay partners around the world. Looking for the appropriation of the means and technologies of information and communication and have a dynamic real-time communication between different places / cultures / movements. The content is diverse and versatile: music, deejay, deejaylive, live, livestream, music, random, stream, concerts, performances, workshops, djs, festivals, conferences, experimental, independent, audiovisual, visual art, shortempire, methismacs, concerts, performances, workshops, djs, festivals, conferences, random, etc. It is not tolerated: sexism - racism - discrimination - violence. Feel free to support us with sharing on every place on web and social network.more
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